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OH GAWD: Severe feelings warning in effect.


I just finished reading through “Roses of Picardy” for the 5th time, and I just…


One day, I want to learn how to bind books so I can bind THAT story into an actual book I can take out and read whenever I want, until my dying day.

Oh my gosh. This made me so happy I’m almost teary.

Thank you so, so much. [I think it’s my best story and it’s such a tiny fandom that whenever anyone reads or re-reads it I’m dizzy with joy]

<3 <3 <3

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Sonnet 29 - William Shakespeare


Sonnet 29 by William Shakespeare, requested by



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Anonymous asked: What was the last fic you read which you would recommend unreservedly? Also, I am looking for a fluffy fic where Sherlock teaches John to dance. Do you have any to recommend?


Hello dear anon! Thank you for asking -

The  last one I read and would recommend unreservedly is Roses of Picardy - by Splix. It’s not Johnlock, but look:


I’ve read it several times and I just love these characters. It also makes me crave Tom Hiddleston something fierce, but I’m not complaining. It’s a War Horse fic that just blew me away even though I’ve not seen the film because I know I would die.

I’m sorry, but I can’t really think of any fluffy dance fics right now, usually because I always choose angsty angst instead of fluff.

Here are some fics I’ve recommended in the past, complete with my very unhelpful reviews. (If ‘aagh’ and ‘read’ is a review.)

Lacuna by Coloredink This fic is for those whose interests include johnlock and crying in the bathroom, like mine.

Words:15607 Chapters:1/1

Given in Evidence by VerityburnsI recommend everything from Verity Burns. Because amazing.

Words: 97 892 Chapters 19/19

Better Than None by RemyDico5

John just got completely rejected by Sherlock. Jim just wants a night of feeling like a normal person.

This fic is the only fic that has ever placed an iceberg in front of my (Johnlock) ship. Smutty, angsty and it makes me cry every time.

Words: 75662 Chapters: 16/16

End of the Story by Kres

Do you like pain and misery and all things angst? Then knock yourself out with this one, you’ll hurt beautifully.

Author’s summary: 

Post-Reichenbach. The return, the fallout, the pieces you pick up.

Words: 54029 Chapters 9/9. 

Nothing to Make a Song About by emmagrant01

I recommend this so hard. Unless you needed not to have much feels. Or if you have two deadlines tomorrow and it’s all technical and complicated and yet you start a fic that is unputdownable. Then no.

Words: 36833 Chapters: 10/10

Nocturnal Conversation by sweetcupncakes

Sweet porn.

Words: 4659 Chapters: 1/1

Archive of Feelings or How Sherlock is like a Cat by Ragazza_Guasto

Just sweet.

Words: 7474 Chapters 1/1

The Naked Truth by naughtyspirit

Please feast your eyes on this saucy tale of how John and Sherlock learned to appreciate the awesomeness of strip chess, strip kerplunk, strip twister, strip … you name it. It’s funny and sexy and even now I’m a little light headed and very distracted after finishing another of this wonderful author’s fics for lunch.

Words: 20297 Chapters: 6/6

The Keeper of Things by myswordfishmind

I don’t really know what to say to make you people read this, just … do it. A story that is moving, beautiful, heartbreaking - no wonder this person is one of my favourite authors. And while you’re there, read all her stories. If you read Lick the sweat off your intellect last, at least your level of feels will be slightly less crippling.

Words: 15303 Chapters 1/1

Northwest Passage by Kryptaria

Summary: Seven years ago, Captain John Watson of the Canadian Forces Medical Service withdrew from society, seeking a simple, isolated life in the distant northern wilderness of Canada. Though he survives from one day to the next, he doesn’t truly live until someone from his dark past calls in a favor and turns his world upside-down with the introduction of Sherlock Holmes.

This is on my top five all time greatest fics list, I just love it. I don’t know how many times I’ve read it, but I’m sure I have a few more in me.

Words: 95159 Chapters 27/27

The Good Night by moonblossom

Summary: Sherlock keeps sneaking into John’s room at night and then pretending like nothing’s changed the next morning. A man can only handle so much of this before he snaps.

Words: 4341 Chapters 1/1

Trying to Find the In-Between (series) by NoStraightLine.


DI Lestrade said Sherlock Holmes was a great man, and one day, if they were very lucky, he might be a good one. John Watson is many things, but lucky isn’t one of them.

This is the story of how the impossible happens.


Words: 79237 Works: 10

A Shipless Ocean by myswordfishmind 

I was suffering from fic fatigue when I came upon this pearl. Beautiful and evocative language, lovely characterisation and understated elegance. I had tears in my eyes the entire time. All the awards.

Words: 22135 Chapters 4/4

The Curious Wine by songlin

I just cried about a litre, i.e. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone and also please could someone come give me a hug / wine / chocolate / a naked benedict please.

Words: 15095 Chapters: 8/8

One Fixed Point in a Changing Age by KeelieThompson1

I’ve been following this story for decades it seems, and every time she updates these days I need a valium and a lengthy session with a licensed therapist. Nevertheless, the John and Sherlock characters are so incredible and I just love this universe she’s created for them. Still not finished, but if you start from the very beginning with “Back in the Day” you can enjoy Hundreds of Thousands of beautiful, sad, sexy, angsty, funny and nerve racking words before you are pining away for updates (like me). So read it! Or if you don’t like pain, don’t. - IT’s FINISHED NOW!

Words: 127482 Chapters 37/37

Undercurrents by entanglednow

Summary: There, that’s it, perfect, shut your eyes and don’t move - and don’t speak.

I’ve read this seventeen times once or twice.

Words: 2996 Chapters: 1/1

Ink Your Name Across My Heart by prettyvk

Summary: The metaphor is imperfect but still workable. If my long term memory is a hard drive, then my short term memory is RAM. The hard drive became read-only following the illness. New data is stored in RAM and can be used while I remain awake. Going to sleep – ‘turning off’ – wipes the RAM, returning the system to what it was prior to the illness.

I am so glad I stumbled upon this (even though I’m exhausted now since I couldn’t stop reading it last night). If you haven’t already read it, you must. I. just. love. it.

Words: 58018 Chapters: 21/21

Cracks in the Wall by sweetcupncakes


Words: 83015 Chapters: 16/16

Building Home by KeelieThompson1

This just made my morning ache! AAGH the johnlock feels!

Words: 9471 Chapters: 3/3

Performance in a Leading Role (series) by Mad_Lori

Do I even have to say anything? I guess not, other than if you for some reason never read this, do yourself a favour and click below:

Words: 223707 Works: 9 - please never stop.

AAAnd the last one, still not complete, but only one chapter left -

On the Other Side by mildredandbobbin.

I’m pretty sure my blood pressure goes somewhere very unsafe whenever I read any of M’s stories. Hah. Killing me softly with her words, indeed.

Words: 28817 Chapters: 7/8

Hope you’ll find something here you like! 


Oh my word, thank you. That is so very kind of you. <3 :)

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J.S. September 1914 - Hippediva - War Horse (2011) [Archive of Our Own]


Hippediva, a lovely woman, talented writer, and accomplished [and published!] poet, has written a poem inspired by Roses of Picardy.

War poetry was an integral component of my fic, and I couldn’t be more honored by this work, which is full of beauty and longing. It’s even more resonant to me because yesterday was the hundredth anniversary of the beginning of World War 1.

Please read this beautiful piece, and if you like it, let the author know.

Thank you.


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Illustration for the incredible War Horse fanfic.Roses of Picardyby splixFandom: War HorsePairing: Jamie Stewart/Jim NichollsWords: 76,360Summary: Captured in battle, Major Jamie Stewart faces an uncertain fate.Link: [link]

Look, look, look what leyla-lovely did for my fic!!!
It’s so beautiful I can’t stand it. So melancholy and romantic and I love the art-nouveau illustration style. I am FULL OF SQUEE.

Bringing this back because it&#8217;s one of the prettiest pieces of art I&#8217;ve ever received, and I&#8217;m full of Jamie/Jim feels today. &lt;3



Illustration for the incredible War Horse fanfic.

Roses of Picardy
by splix
Fandom: War Horse
Pairing: Jamie Stewart/Jim Nicholls
Words: 76,360
Summary: Captured in battle, Major Jamie Stewart faces an uncertain fate.
Link: [link]

Look, look, look what leyla-lovely did for my fic!!!

It’s so beautiful I can’t stand it. So melancholy and romantic and I love the art-nouveau illustration style. I am FULL OF SQUEE.

Bringing this back because it’s one of the prettiest pieces of art I’ve ever received, and I’m full of Jamie/Jim feels today. <3

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thedesignracoon asked: I'm kind of 2 years late on the bandwagon, but I just read Roses of Picardy and just had to let you know how much I enjoyed it! Stunning piece of work... I was in tears at the end of the epilogue, but it was so worth it! Thank you so much for sharing your work =) all the best, TDR

Hi there! Sorry for the delay, I’ve been away from tumblr for a while. I’m delighted that you liked Roses of Picardy - the other day I realized it’s been almost two years since I’ve finished the fic and I still haven’t been able to get Jim and Jamie out of my head and heart, I love them so much. It’s honestly such a thrill to hear it’s enjoyed, I can’t tell you. Thank you, thank you! :D

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dotheynow asked: Ah, a wonderful read. I normally avoid fics that take place in war times because, you know, major character death. And I never read in fandoms where I'm not familiar with the source material. But since it was you and Emma recommended it, I'm glad I did. I was really worried about Philip for a while (good job there for making him so very threatening without being over the top) and I loved how Jim took control in the end, go Jim!

Thank you so much! I understand the major character death thing for sure - I don’t like to read it myself. I’m so very happy that you enjoyed it - thank you so much for reading, and for the nice comments! :D

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Anonymous asked: Now I want to read that Picardie fic, too, I love your writing! I've never seen War Horse though.. Is it necessary for context and understanding?

Thank you so much!

So the basic context of BC and TWH’s appearance in the film is that they’re both officers in one of the first British regiments to cross into Europe and fight on an open field of battle. Their cavalry regiment is woefully unprepared for the relatively high tech munitions of the German army. The two of them are in the movie for only a few minutes, but it was tantalizing enough for me to try to invent a little backstory and then a canon-divergent fic featuring their characters.

I hope you enjoy it if you decide to read it. The fic is here:

Thank you again! :D

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incredifishface asked: I just finished your Roses of Picardy and I'm tears, goddamn you! I forgot it was fanfic. The way you fleshed out the characters and their speech and their feelings took me back in time. You peppered it with nibbles of truth about love and war where other published authors rarely manage. I'm in awe at your talent. I'm a Fan of yours with a capital F. Now off you go, where's my weekly Method Act?? I need more Hiddlesbatch!!

Oh my goodness, thank you so much! I absolutely loved writing that, and I think it’s in my top three of everything I’ve written. :D You’re so kind!

Ack, I wish I could post Method Act this week, but I’ve had an intensely busy one, unfortunately. My job had me hopping, and I’ve been nuts hunting for a car to replace the one that died. I haven’t even blocked the next chapter, which is super-frustrating. I’m so sorry, but I promise to get the next one out as soon as I can! Thank you so much for your wonderful, wonderful comment. <3

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I got two comments on Roses of Picardy in two days! I know that doesn’t sound like a big deal but it is to me. It’s an even smaller fandot than Cabin Pressure, and so it’s especially nice to get comments on something so obscure. I’m beaming, like someone’s mum. :)

Last year I had planned to write a Jamie/Jim holiday fic, but life got in the way, in a big way. This year, nothing will stop me. I will have my romantic, sentimental, epic WW1 homo fic, by God.

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Roses of Picardy [PODFIC]


Title: Roses of Picardy
Author: Splix
Original text: Roses of Picardy
Reader/Coverart: lauramcewan
Fandom: War Horse
Pairings: Jamie Stewart/Jim Nicholls
Rating: Adult
Length: 8:23:03
Author’s Summary: Captured in battle, Major Jamie Stewart faces an uncertain fate.

Download: At AO3

OMG, it’s HERE!

I’m thrilled to announce that my dear friend lauramcewan has done a podfic for my story Roses of Picardy. If you like podfic and you like the story, give it a listen! :)

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